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Vitamin D : A Silent Deficiency

Once foods were fortified with vitamin D in the 1920s, and rickets appeared to have been conquered, many health care professionals thought the major health problems resulting from vitamin D deficiency had been resolved. 

Although deficiency is still widespread and newer studies have found that even sub-clinical Vitamin D deficiency have been linked to with an array of diseases, most notably osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.

For a significant number of patients, Vitamin D deficiency does not present with acute symptoms in the immediate sense. It is only after an acute event occurs following prolonged vitamin D deficiency that these patient’s discover that they are deficient. This means that many patients are living without the knowledge that they require vitamin D supplementation. 

Also, around 50% to 90% of vitamin D is absorbed through the skin via sunlight. This means that the changes we have experienced to our way of living induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, make it likely for us to lack the exposure to sunlight we require to sufficiently supplement ourselves with Vitamin D. Dietary supplementation resultantly will play a larger role in our lives going forward and to suggest a safe and clinically sufficient dose of vitamin D supplementation, a blood to test to quantify vitamin D levels is necessary. 

WIth the thought that even sub-clinical deficiency of Vitamin D could contribute to the development of significant ailments in the long term, we believe patients should regularly check their Vitamin D levels to ensure patients give themselves the absolute best chance of living a health life. 

Here at the Wellness Pharmacy, we offer patients the ability to do just that. Patients can book in for private blood testing for Vitamin D alongside other vitamins and minerals, with a consultation by a clinical pharmacist if the patient requires this. 
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