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Wellness checks are important and should be provided on an annual basis. The Wellness Pharmacy in London, Tower Bridge, provide reliable private blood tests to check your health and quickly advise on eventual treatments. We offer a comprehensive range of private blood tests, available online for purchase but you need to make an appointment so that we carried out the procedure onsite. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

private blood test and phlebotomy- Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy, London
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Our Pharmacy Blood Test Service:

 The most common blood tests to specific diagnosis, the Wellness Pharmacy offer many different private blood tests in London. Whether you need to detect a vitamin d deficiency or thyroid, we can help. We offer the following blood tests and can provide a full blood test profile:

PHLEBOTOMY & Blood Test London

Phlebotomy - a Greek word "phlebos" meaning vein and the latin suffix "tome" meaning "to open".

Phlebotomy is very important in terms of diagnosis and treatment. We utilise phlebotomy especially in our Functional Medicine clinic for clinical and diagnostic investigations.

Often, it's quite difficult to get blood drawn at your GP surgeries or walk-in centres. The Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy located in London offer a unique service where if you need your blood drawn, we can assist.

In addition, we can centrifuge your blood samples, freeze, package and post to the lab of your choice on your behalf taking the hassle out of your busy day. The appointments are really easy to make and we will try and accomodate the time that suits you best.

Note: this service can be paid online - the blood draw and/or centrifuge is carried out onsite in our London Pharmacy.



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