At the Wellness Pharmacy we offer far more in addition to dispensing Private Prescriptions and supply of a wide range of medicines - Check out our other services and products!


At the Wellness Pharmacy we dispense prescriptions

and our Pharmacist reviews your medication with you

to make sure you’re taking your medicines the most

effective way. We also check if you are taking any over

the counter medicines, herbal medicines or supplements

to make sure this does not interact in any way with your


We also offer a texting service when your medicines are

ready for collection. We keep a comprehensive stock of

medicines and use fast and efficient wholesaler service

to enable us to fulfil all prescriptions promptly. All

medicines, where appropriate are dispensed in child

resistant containers.

Pharmacy Products

• Medicines

• Nutraceuticals – vitamins and minerals

• Herbal remedies

• Homoeopathic remedies

• Vegan and natural cosmetics

• Organic & natural skin care range

• Natural fluoride-free toothpaste and

dental products

• Organic & natural sanitary products

• Vegan healthy snacks

• Top quality protein powders without

artificial colours and sweeteners

• Cannabis oil

• Aromatherapy oils

• Natural medicines – Heel, Weleda,

Bioforce, Biocare and much more

• Royal collagen

• Top quality panax ginseng, royal jelly &

shilajit - super rejuvenating herbs

Emergency Supplies of Medicines

If you need one of your regular medicines in an

emergency when you are unable to contact your doctor,

we may be able to help. We must stress that this can only

be done in genuine cases of emergency and it may incur

a charge.

Consultation Room

We have a private area where you can discuss your

medicines or general healthcare with the Pharmacist.

We can offer you a private face-to-face conversation

(or with a chaperone) with our Pharmacist about your

prescription medicines.

Holistic Health Checks 

Millions of people across the country are at risk of

developing heart disease, which may seem alarming.

What most people don’t realise is that it can be often

prevented by taking some simple steps to look after

your heart. Our Holistic Health Check gives you the

opportunity to find out if your heart is as healthy as it

could be.

• We check your cholesterol and triglycerides, HbA1c

marker for diabetes, blood pressure, heart rate

variability (to look at your autonomic nervous system

adaptability) and body composition.

• We discuss your results.

• We offer you a personalised lifestyle advice such as

diet plans, exercise & stress management. Book a

Holistic Health Check today.

Holistic Health Assessment
£ 130.00
(-38.46%) £ 80.00

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine 

Flu Vaccines cause antibodies to develop in the body

about two weeks after vaccination. These antibodies

provide protection against infection with the viruses that

are in the vaccine. The Seasonal Flu Vaccine protects

against the influenza viruses that research indicates

will be most common during the upcoming season.

The Seasonal Flu Programme is a long established,

cost-effective vaccination programme that’s proven to

save lives.

If you are a company and offer your employees a

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine, we can help you by visiting

your offices to vaccinate your staff, or arrange a

vaccination clinic in our consulting room within the Pharmacy.

Patient Medication Records

Our computer allows us to keep records of all your

prescriptions dispensed by us. This helps us check for

possible problems such as reactions between medicines

and will help us deal with any queries you may have.

We have to keep these records as our professional

obligation to the General Pharmaceutical Council,

however we do comply with GDPR regulations and

your data is not given to third parties nor do we use it

for marketing purposes. Your records are kept entirely

for your safety. We will not use your sensitive personal

information in any other way except where we have

your consent.

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