Wellness Screening - Do you know how healthy you are from inside? 

Advanced Screening - Can help you prevent or reverse chronic diseases!

We offer Wellness Tests at the Pharmacy as a screening

tool offering insight into root causes of chronic diseases,

which are often complex. We believe in moving beyond

treating symptoms and focusing on revealing the root

causes of chronic diseases.

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Testing helps us to understand our bodies better

and educates us in taking care of ourselves through

modifiable lifestyle intervention – thus greatly

reducing the chances of future diseases, medication

or even surgery. Diseases don’t just suddenly appear.

The biological changes start long before the symptoms

appear. Identifying these changes early not only gives

us an assessment of how healthy we are, but also gives

us a valuable window of time to take appropriate action

needed and refrain from activities and lifestyles which

endanger health and quality of life.

Laboratory tests reveal who we really are - physically

unique individuals, the sum of numerous biochemical 

systems. The study of these systems grants us

perspective into how we live and how we feel. To know

your body is to know your self. With this knowledge we

can make informed decisions on how to alter our habits

to better our lives.

Note : These Diagnostic Tests can be purchased online but the test and evaluation are carried out onsite within the Pharmacy.



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