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Yellow Fever Vaccination Including Certificate

A mosquito-borne viral haemorrhagic disease with a high case-fatality rate. Preventable by vaccination, using insect repellents, appropriate clothing, nets and screens.

The mosquito can bite during daylight times.

  • Symptoms

Fever, muscle pain with prominent backache, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, high fever with liver and kidneys affected, jaundice, dark urine, abdominal pain, bleeding from the mouth, nose, eyes or stomach.

  • 170K severe cases worldwide annually.

It's the main reason why we highly recommend to visit us in London to get vaccinated against yellow fever before travelling.

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Yellow Fever Risk Areas

These are areas where the virus is present in monkeys and is a potential risk to humans as defined by the World Health Organisation.

Some of these countries demande a yellow fever certificate from travellers as a condition of entry to their country. Many of these, and other countries, will ask you for a certificate if you are entering from an infected country.

We can inform you if you need a certificate when you are booking your holiday or flight. Come and get vaccinated against Yellow Fever in London if not already done.

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The UK’s only licensed and recommended Yellow Fever vaccine made by Sanofi Pasteur.



Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.


1 dose administered at least 10 days before entering an endemic area.

International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP)
yellow fever certificate - Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy, London

Valid for the life of the person vaccinated. This certificate can also record poliomyelitis vaccine.

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As a premier health centre in London, the Wellness Pharmacy also offer Travel Health Vaccinations. Come and meet us in Tower Bridge.

Travel Health Resources

Travel Vaccinations and Health Advice Service

We can provide expert advice, vaccinations and malaria prevention that’s tailored to you and your travel plans. If you’re about to travel outside of the UK, you may need to be vaccinated before you set off for your trip. The Childhood Vaccination Programme in the UK protects you from a number of diseases, but you may need extra vaccinations or antimalarials if you’re planning on visiting certain parts of the world.

Getting vaccinated can help prevent you from getting ill if you’re exposed to diseases which we don’t normally have in the UK. We can help you understand how to keep your risks of getting a disease low while abroad and help you work out which vaccinations and antimalarials you may want to consider depending on things like:

• Which regions you’ll be visiting

• What activities you’ll be doing

• Your age and general health

Some travel vaccinations may be needed several weeks before departure. Ideally you should see us six to eight weeks before travelling, but we may still be able to help if you’re leaving sooner. By appointment only. Please speak to our Pharmacist.

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Note: these travel vaccines and medicines can be purchased online but are administrated onsite in our London pharmacy.



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