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A patient centered approach is the target of the treatment.

Medicines & Prescriptions 

We are here to help and can offer you a wide range of pharmacy services and advice for you and your family.

Walk in GP Service

Looking for a private GP practice near you? We believe convenient access to healthcare leads to a healthier, happier nation. That’s why we’ve made arrangements in place for you to see an online doctor in the safest way at your convenience, and we help you with the examination too such as Blood Pressure taking, listening to your chest, examining your throat and ears and much more. You can even get a prescription instantly and have it dispensed at our pharmacy located in Tower Bridge, London.

Ear Health 

It’s easy to take the amazing things our ears do for granted. In fact, you’ve probably not given much thought to them. But when something isn’t right with your ears, it can have quite an impact on day-to-day life.

Travel Health & Yellow Fever  Centre

We can provide expert advice, vaccinations and malaria prevention that’s tailored to you and your travel plans. If you’re about to travel outside of the UK, you may need to be vaccinated before you set off for your trip.

Sexual Health Screening

Sometimes going to your GP or a Sexual Health Clinic may not be convenient nor private enough. The Wellness Pharmacy Tower Bridge, our private clinic, offers a discreet and 100% confidential testing service. We will not share your results with anyone. Our non-judgemental approach will ensure that you feel at complete ease.

Functional Medicine

Improving Health in Era of Chronic Disease.

The epidemic of chronic disease, which threatens generations with short less healthy lives is largely preventable and reversible. Yet these diseases persist and are increasing alarmingly in the 21st Century.

Functional Medicine addresses today’s clinical challenges and chronic disease is by far the biggest health challenge we face today.

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Skin Health Care
Natural Hayfever Remedies
Pranayama Breathing App
Luffeel Compositum 50 Tabs
Luffeel hasbeen proven to effectively relieve typical allergic nasal and ocular symptoms such as itchy, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing as well as itchy and watery eyes.

The combination of both tablets  ...
£ 8.99
Pollinosan Luffa Nasal Spray 20ml
A.Vogel Pollinosan Luffa Nasal Spray has a desensitising action on the nasal membranes and hence is a very useful remedy in combating the symptoms of rhinitis which include sneezing, nasal discharge a ...
£ 9.34
Luffeel Nasal Spray 20ml

Luffeelis a natural nasal spray for the temporary relief from the symptomsof hay fever including: itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose andnasal congestion

Luffeelis effective without the risk of si ...

£ 10.99
Hayfever Relief Oral Spray 20ml
Symptom relief from hayfever and allergic rhinitis.

The misery of sneezes, itchy, red and watery eyes and blocked nose can be helped with this quick-application oral spray.
£ 12.00
BioCare Quercetin Plus 90 Capsules
Quercetin Plus combines the nutrients quercetin, bromelain and vitamin C.  This useful formulation also includes vitamin C for its contribution to the normal function of the immune system and to the p ...
£ 27.99
Pranayama App 

How is my body handling the demands of my life?

Pranayama App is your professional respiratory coach for strengthening the vagus nerve and the whole of your nervous system. Life can move pretty fast at times, by enabling respiratory training, anywhere, anytime, you can conveniently prevent stress-related functional disorders, by increasing resistance to stress, and adding resilience to the body.

Pranayama - meaning Breath Control. The aim of practising Pranayama is to stimulate, regulate and harmonise vital energy of the body. Just as a bath is required for purifying the body, in the same way Pranayama is also required for purifying the mind, body and soul. The Breath has a profound affect on the Mind and the nervous system and hence this infiltrates the rest of the body. Breathing has beneficial effects to every level of our being from calming the mind, the nervous system and affecting every organ of our body through cardiovascular system, gastro-intestinal system, hormonal system, the immune system, the energy node, detoxification (liver, kidney, colon etc). Act of breathing hence strengthens and tones every part of the body and mind.

Oxygen is required for the very existence of life. 

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For men with suboptimal testosterone, insulin resistance, cardiovascular risk, addressing lifestyle considerations, diagnostic testing and nutritional interventions first is not only safe, but may lead to the desired results to a new healthy you.


Genetic Testing are the future of individualised healthcare by unlocking the secrets of your DNA, with dietary and lifestyle recommendations designed to complement your genetic profile. By influencing your DNA through lifestyle Modifications you can prevent and or reverse chronic diseases.

Phelbotomy & Private blood tests

Our pharmacy in London, tower bridge is well located to get your blood drawn, centrifuged and frozen ready for shipping. We even do Private blood tests. 

About us

Your Mind and Your Body are not Two Separate Things

Your body and brain are one sophisticated interlocking system. There is no real separation between your brain and your body. What you do to your body, you do to your brain and vice versa. Heal your body and you heal your brain. There is a deep connection between the body and mind and it profoundly affects our overall physical health and sense of wellbeing. When the body is suffering there must be something behind it, because everything is interwoven. So no person can be treated just by treating the body - their totality has to be treated.

The Functional Medicine approach recognizes that the same symptom may have myriad of causes, so it makes no sense to give all patients who have symptoms the same treatment. Such approach often merely suppresses symptoms, yet does nothing to correct the underlying problem. Functional Medicine practitioners treat patients, not symptoms. We examine all the possible causes of chronic dysfunction and ferret out a solution that addresses the cause for that patient. Best of all, this approach allows us to help far more of those “hard to treat” patients.

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