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Japanese Encephalitis (IXIARO)

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Japanese encephalitis (JE) is a viral infection transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. The Japanese encephalitis virus affects the human brain and can lead to inflammation and swelling in the brain. In very severe cases, the infection can lead to brain damage.

Often most infections with Japanese encephalitis virus do not result in symptoms. However, in some cases, the virus causes severe symptoms and leads to serious complications. Typical encephalitis symptoms include nausea and vomiting, seizures, headaches and confusion.

Japanese Encephalitis occurs in most countries in Asia,
the Indian subcontinent and remote parts of northeast Australia.
At Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy our pharmacist will be able to help you decide whether you require a Japanese encephalitis vaccination and also advice on additional precautions such as mosquito bite avoidance.

We provide a Japanese encephalitis vaccination which consists of two injections. The second dose needs to be administered 28 days after the first, so you need to allow plenty of time before you travel.

Primary immunisation should be completed at least one week prior to potential exposure to Japanese encephalitis virus.

Once you have received both doses, you are protected against Japanese encephalitis for 12-24 months. After one year, you require a booster.

You need to get the first dose ideally five weeks before you travel in order to be able to complete the course in time. However, in special cases you can get a faster course where the first dose should be at least 2 weeks before you travel.



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