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Hepatitis A Vaccine (AVAXIM)

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Hepatitis A is a viral infection spread through contaminated food and water, which causes inflammation of the liver.

Hepatitis A occurs worldwide but is most commonly found in parts of Africa, Asia (see Central, South East and East), Central and South America, and it is most prevalent in areas with poor sanitation.

For most travellers, exposure to Hepatitis A comes from eating contaminated food or water. Contamination can also be passed from person to person via poor hygiene.

Travellers to areas at risk may be recommended the following vaccination course:

  • A single course injection of Havrix Monodose to cover against Hepatitis A

Ideally, travellers need to be vaccinated at least two weeks before travel.

The initial injection will offer short-term protection for a single trip, while a booster will provide long-term cover and should preferably be taken within 6-12 months of the first vaccine.

In addition to the hepatitis A vaccination, there are combined vaccination courses for hepatitis A and typhoid as well as hepatitis A and hepatitis B. If you are unsure as to which vaccine is best for you, at Tower Bridge Wellness pharmacy we will be able to recommend the most suitable treatment for you.



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