Gastrointestinal Health - Assimilation

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BioCare GI Complex 165gGI Complex is a unique, high strength powder containing l-glutamine, N-acetyl glucosamine, whey and probiotics along with vitamins A, C and E.
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BioCare HCl & Pepsin 90 CapsulesHCl & Pepsin is a combination of betaine hydrochloride and pepsin encapsulated allowing for quicker release of the ingredients. HCl & Pepsin is deliberately low potency to allow flexibility in adjusting intake according to individual requirements.
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BioCare Polyzyme Forte® (Enzyme Complex) 30 CapsA high potency combination of vegetable-derived enzymes such as bromelain, lipase, protease, amylase, cellulose, lactase and maltase with Lactobacillus acidophilus live probiotic bacteria.
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BioCare Slippery Elm Intensive 75g

A high strength, intensive powder containing slippery elm with gamma oryzanol, licorice, marshmallow & aloe vera extracts.

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Floradix Gallexier 250ml

Artichoke is a vegetable native to the Mediterranean region. The benefits of the bitter substances contained in the leaves of artichokes have been recognized and appreciated since as far back as the 16th century.

Gallexier is a liquid formula containing among others; artichoke, dandelion, turmeric and other bitter herbs such as gentian and ginger.

Artichoke, dandelion, turmeric, ginger and cardamom all help to support digestion.

In addition, dandelion contributes to the normal function of the intestinal tract.

Turmeric and dandelion stimulate the appetite.

Gallexier is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Floradix IntestCare 250ml

IntestCare is a delicious elixir intended to help to maintain intestinal and digestive health.

The active ingredients of turmeric, artichoke, apple-plum extract, other plant extracts and magnesium are recommended for those who actively want to support their digestion.

So many of these active ingredients are well known for their affect on aiding digestion and calming the digestive system.

IntestCare is not a laxative. Due to the content of turmeric extract, in the long run it helps to support the digestion. It is free from chemical additives, alcohol, yeast, lactose and gluten. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Silicol Gel 200ml

Saguna Silicol Gel is a certified medical device to treat IBS symptoms, heartburn, reflux and vomiting.

Silicol®Gel contains silicic acid which is a compound of the mineral substance silicon and oxygen in a colloidal (highly dispersible) and hydrated form.

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Yarrow Complex Drops 50mlYarrow Complex is a herbal digestive tonic containing bitter and aromatic herbs. This supplement has a wide spectrum of action and may be used in many common gastrointestinal complaints to stimulate digestion. One of the key features of this remedy is its bitter action.


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