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The Wellness Pharmacy at Tower Bridge Piazza is a new state-of-the-art pharmacy specialising in advanced diagnostic tools and excellent quality nutraceuticals to help you achieve exceptional above average health.

In healthy individuals a strong immune system not only heals but prevents and reverses chronic diseases. Through strong defences and repair mechanisms we can adapt to our changes in the environment without harm.

At the Wellness Pharmacy we are all about helping you achieve your best potential in wellness and to stay that way. After all ‘health is the new wealth.’ Being well, fit and properly nourished allows us to think better and achieve our maximum potential in life, whether it’s career, travel, relationships, reaching your goals, or serving those less fortunate then us. We can do this if we have a clear mind and body – free from toxicity.

We sell over the counter medicines and dispense prescription medicines with advice on their safe usage.

We also give you an opportunity to engage with us in Personalised Lifestyle Medicine. Personalised medicine is a move away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach to the treatment and care of patients with a particular condition.

We are all unique. Our health is determined by our inherent differences combined with our lifestyle and environment. By combining and analysing information about our genome with our clinical and diagnostic information, patterns can be identified that can help to determine our individual risk of developing diseases; detect illness earlier and determine the most effective interventions to help improve our health. Be they medicines, lifestyle choices, or even simple changes in diet.

Our aim is to look after you and your loved ones as we would our own families.

A unique Pharmacy offering a blend of Prescriptions and Medicines as well as having a passion for healing through Functional Medicine 



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