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Tisserand Marjoram (Spanish) Wild Crafted Pure Essential Oil 9ml

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Tisserand Marjoram (Spanish) Wild Crafted Pure Essential Oil 9mlNative to the Iberian Peninsula of Portugal and Spain, Spanish Marjoram is a wild growing Mediterranean herb, popular with herbalists the world over. Its appearance is actually more similar to Thyme than Marjo-ram, which is reflected in the plant’s botanical name; Thymus Mastichina. Traditionally used in Spain and Portugal as an infusion to ease coughs, colds and influenza, Spanish Marjoram as an essential oil is used in a plethora of immune boosting treatments. Blended in a carrier oil and massaged on to the chest, Spanish Marjoram will help to boost circulation and strengthen immunity to common coughs and colds, perfect during the winter months. Spanish Marjoram’s pungent and herbal fragrance has a fortify-ing effect on the mind and if used in steam inhalation or a diffuser, will help to energise and lift lethargy.


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