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Heel Zeel T Tablets 50

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Heel Zeel T Tablets 50Zeel T is used for symptoms associated with degenerative arthritic conditions. A homoeopathic combination formulation of botanical, zoological, biochemical and mineral substances. No adverse renal, hepatic, cardio-vascular, gastrointestinal, or CNS side effects.

1 tablet contains: Extractum (1:10) cartilaginis suis, Extractum (1:10) funiculiumbilicalis suis, Extractum (1:10) embryonissuis, Extractum (1:10) placentaesuis 0.3 μg each; Rhus toxicodendron 0.108 mg, Extr. flor. Arnicae (spir. fld. 1:1) 0.06 mg; Solanum dulcamara 3 μg; Symphytum officinale 0.03 μg; Sanguinaria canadensis 4.5 μg; Sulfur 5.4 μg; Acidum silicicum colloidale 3 ng; Nadidum, Coenzyme A, Acidum alpha-liponicum, Natrium diethyloxalaceticum 0.03 ng each.

Please consult your doctor or a certified, homeopathic practitioner for advice regarding dosage.



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