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Heel Oculoheel Eye Drops Vials (15)

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Heel Oculoheel Eye Drops Vials (15)

Oculoheel, a homoeopathic combination preparation, effectively alleviates the following eye symptoms: 1. Dry Eyes 2. Watery Eyes 3. Redness 4. Irritation 5. Light sensitivity Tired Eyes / Eye Strain Indications/Use: Inflammatory conditions of the eye, such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis, dacry-ocystits (especially chronic forms). Dosage (eye drops): The recommended dosage is 1-2 drops into each affected eye 3 times per day. Length of therapy: As a homoeopathic combination preparation, Oculoheel is especially suitable for long-term treatment. Unused medication: The unused medication in an open phial must be discarded to avoid contamination. Oculoheel eye drops are sterile until they are opened and do not contain preservatives.
Eye drops: 1 vial (0.45 ml) contains: medicinal ingredients: Euphrasia D5; Cochlearia officinalis D5; Echinacea D5; Euphrasia officinalis D5; Pilocarpus D5 110.7 mg of each. Non-medicinal ingredients: sodium chloride, sodium phosphate dibasic (dihydrate), sodium phosphate monobasic (dihydrate), purified water.

Drug Interactions: None

Known Side Effects: None Known

Please consult your doctor or a certified, homeopathic practitioner for advice regarding dosage.



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