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Gluten Allergy Profile

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Gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance has been coined to describe those individuals who cannot tolerate gluten and experience symptoms similar to those with celiac disease yet lack the same antibodies and intestinal damage as seen in celiac disease.

What are the Symptoms of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity?
Gluten sensitivity shares many symptoms with celiac disease. However, according to a collaborative report published by Sapone et al. (2012), individuals with non-celiac gluten sensitivity have a prevalence of extraintestinal or non-GI symptoms, such as headache, "foggy mind,” joint pain, and numbness in the legs, arms or fingers. Symptoms typically appear hours or days after gluten has been ingested, a response typical for innate immune conditions like non-celiac gluten sensitivity.


Profile details

Gluten single IgE Allergen
Endomysial Antibodies IgA
Deamidated Gliadin IgG Antibodies
Tissue Transglutaminase IgA
Total IgA


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