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EarlyCDT Lung Cancer Screening

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EarlyCDT Lung Cancer Screening

How it works

EarlyCDT Lung is a simple blood test to identify people with a heightened risk
of lung cancer for triage into CT scanning. A finger prick or blood draw can becollected at home, in the community, GP or hospital setting and sent into CCL for analysis. The test detects the body’s immune response to all types of lung cancer from the earliest stages of the disease. Autoantibodies have been detected on average four years, and in some cases up to nine years, before clinical diagnosis of lung cancer.

How it helps

EarlyCDT Lung can detect lung cancer risk, on average, four years before standard care and has shown in a large NHS trial that it can reduce late stage lung cancer presentation by 36%.* Every year around 48,500** people are diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK. It is one of the most common and serious types of cancer. 80% of these lung cancer cases are diagnosed in the latest stages of the disease. Let CCL help you, to help them.

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