Sexual Health Screening - We offer Instant Results.

Sometimes going to your GP or a Sexual Health Clinic

may not be convenient nor private enough. Our private

clinic offers a discreet and 100% confidential testing

service. We will not share your results with anyone. Our

non-judgemental approach will ensure that you feel at

complete ease.

Sometimes you may want a quick and intant test for your

peace of mind and health. We at the Wellness Pharmacy

can offer instant rapid tests for the major STI's such as

HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and herpes simplex

virus. We can screen for urinary tract infections also. 

This may or may not lead to further investigations.

We can offer you treatment at the same time for some

STI's and urinary tract infections. 

Screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is an

important part of maintaining your sexual well-being,

and it is a good idea to get tested if you have unprotected

sex, whether you display symptoms or not. Maintaining

good sexual health is important as it prevents illnesses

that could not only result in painful symptoms, but also

potentially spread to your partner.

Rest assured you will be looked after in a completely

confidential environment. Please speak to our Pharmacist

for further information or simply call/email us for


Note: These tests can be purchased online - the test screening is carried out onsite within the Pharmacy 

We also offer Advance Sexual Screening  - Please contact us for more details. The results are available in 2-4 days. 



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