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(The Syphilitic Virus-A Nosode)
Utter prostration and debility in the morning.
Shifting rheumatic pains. Chronic eruptions and rheumatism.
Ichthyosis. Syphilitic affections. Pains from darkness to
daylight; decrease and increase gradually. Hereditary tendency
to alcoholism. Ulceration of mouth, nose, genitals, skin.
Succession of abscesses.
Mind.-Loss of memory; remembers everything previous
to his illness. Apathetic; feels as if going insane or being paralyzed. Fears the night,
and the suffering from exhaustion on
awakening. Hopeless; despairs of recovery.
Head.-Linear pains from temple across, or from eyes backward;
cause sleeplessness and delirium at night. Falling of the hair.
Pain in bones of head. Top of head feels as if coming
off. Stupefying cephalalgia.
Eyes.-Chronic, recurrent, phlyctenular inflammation of cornea;
successive crops of phlyctenular and abrasions of epithelial
layer of cornea; photophobia intense, lachrymation profuse.
Lids swollen; pain intense at night;


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