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Organic Spirulina Powder 100g

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Organic Spirulina Powder 100g

Spirulina is a cultivated micro-alga which has been consumed for thousands of years by the indigenous people in Mexico & Africa. It is one of the highest known richest and complete protein sources on Earth and contains up to 70% complete protein, towering over steak which consists of only 25% protein, once cooked. It is green in nature, and hence it contains a significant amount of phycocyanin and chlorophyll, the latter absorbs energy from the sun to manufacture carbohydrates which boost your energy.

Spirulina has over 100 types of nutrients, more than any other type of grain, plant, or herb. It has some important nutrients, such as B complex vitamins, vitamin E, and also beta-carotene which are good for improving our overall health. Spirulina also contains Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, and Phosphorous and all 8 essential amino acids. It’s also rich in several anti-oxidants, which protect body cells.

Studies have shown that Spirulina can help control blood sugar levels and cravings thus making it a key food for diabetics and one that can be used to assist weight loss.

Because of its high protein content, it is useful for building muscle & strength, for endurance and rapid healing and repair and nearly every other aspect of healthy living.

In a nutshell:
It covers every aspect of healthy living



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