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Motion Nutrition Organic Raw Cacao Whey Protein

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Motion Nutrition Organic Raw Cacao Whey Protein

Made from milk produced by European grass-fed cows, motion nutrition's organic whey protein powder provides a complete amino acid profile for optimum muscle growth and repair. Meanwhile, the added benefits of raw cacao, which is considered a superfood, ensure this protein powder will leave you feeling even more energised and revitalised.

Motion Nutrition Organic Raw Cacao Whey Protein is:

    • Made from pure organic whey protein
    • Includes all the benefits of raw cacao
    • Ready to shake with milk, non-dairy milk or water

Motion Nutrition Raw Cacao Whey Protein provides organic protein made from organic milk, with the added benefits of raw cacao – the Amazonian superfood.

For all our protein powders, we only use milk from certified dairies within the EU, whose cows must be fed a minimum of 60% grass or foliage. This means you get to enjoy protein powder made from milk with higher levels of nutrients and healthy fats (omega-3s) as well as the benefits of a high quality, fully organic sports supplement.

The botanical name for the cacao tree is theobroma cacao, which roughly translates as ‘food of the gods’. Today, raw cacao lives up to this name – and its reputation as a superfood – by being high in antioxidants that are great for helping to prevent and repair muscle damage.

Combined with pure whey protein and a pinch of low glycemic index (GI) coconut palm nectar, this creates a delicious protein-packed superfood shake with a performance boosting twist. What’s more, it comes ready to blend and with 4.7g of branched-chain amino acid supplements (BCAAs) per 30g serving.

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Ingredients: organic whey protein concentrate from organic milk, raw organic cacao powder, organic unrefined coconut palm sugar, sunflower lecithin.

Nutritional profile:

Typical Values Per 100g Per 30g serving
Energy kcal (kJ) 367 (1552) 110 (466)
Protein 67g 20.1g
Carbohydrate 15.8g 4.7g
- Of which sugars 6.6g 1.98g
Fat 3.9g 1.17g
- Of which saturates 1.7g 0.51g
Fibre 6g 1.8g
Sodium 0.23g 0.07g
Total Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) 15.75g 4.7g

Pure Whey Amino Acid typical values:

Amino Acid Per 100g Per 30g serving
Alanine 4.05g 1215mg
Arginine 2.03g 609mg
Aspartamine 8.79g 2691mg
Cystine 2.2g 660mg
Glutamic Acid 14.21g 4263mg
Glycine 1.49g 447mg
Histidine 1.56g 468mg
Isoleucine 5.03g 1509mg
Leucine 8.43g 2529mg
Lysine 7.9g 2370mg
Methionine 1.83g 549mg
Phenylalanine 2.8g 840mg
Proline 4.64g 1392mg
Serine 4.33g 1299mg
Threonine 5.87g 1761mg
Tryptophan 1.42g 426mg
Tyrosine 2.55g 765mg
Valine 4.63g 1389mg


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