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IL Hwa Panax 5000 Ginseng 30 Capsules

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IL Hwa Panax 5000 Ginseng 30 CapsulesPanax C.A.Meyer, the scientific name for true Korean ginseng, comes from a word meaning panacea (all-healing). The plant has been used for thousands of years to help anyone young or old, sick or well, toward better general health.

Korean ginseng is considered to be by far the best adaptogen known. (An adaptogen is a natural substance that acts to normalize system imbalances in the body.) It has been used historically in the orient as a rejuvenator and a tonic to prolong life.

Il hwa ginseng capsules are a fast, convenient alternative to drinking ginseng tea. The capsules contain Korean white ginseng powder in its most natural form. The ginseng roots are selected according to stringent quality standards, dried, pulverized, sifted and placed in capsules under a sterilizing system.

Take one capsule daily, at any time and do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. 
Not recommended for children under 16 years. 

There are no preservatives, flavourings or artificial colours in this product.


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