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Heel Viburcol Monodoses 15 x 1ml

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Heel Viburcol Monodoses 15 x 1mlViburcol Monodoses Oral Solution natural calmative for restless infants and children offers relief for restlessness, in teething problems and minor infections with or without fever. Babies and toddlers can get restless for all sort of reasons, medical and non-medical, so it’s great to have something in the cabinet that works and is 100% safe. Restlessness often is a symptom associated with increased temperature or fever. Painkillers and antipyretics such as Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen may reduce these symptoms relatively quickly, but, as you know, these should neither be used often nor over a longer period of time. That is why Viburcol is ideal for those first years: restlessness, tearfulness and irritability are reduced naturally and your child’s food and fluid intake (swallowing) problems improve. Viburcol also relieves restlessness and discomfort in the evening and can thus facilitate falling asleep. Sleep is when the body repairs itself.


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