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Floradix Magnesium, Liquid formula 250ml

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Floradix Magnesium, Liquid formula 250ml

 Magnesium is an important element that contributes to normal muscle function. It also helps maintain normal nerve and psychological functions.

Floradix Magnesium liquid is easy to take and helps safeguard magnesium intake. As the magnesium is already dissolved, it is absorbed more quickly by the digestive system compared to tablets.
Floradix Magnesium contains several fruit juice concentrates and selected herbs for a pleasant taste. Floradix Magnesium contains no alcohol, preservatives, colourings or artificial flavourings. It is gluten free, lactose free and suitable for vegetarians.
Floradix Magnesium is suitable for sportsmen and -women, physically hard working people and for those who sweat profusely.

Recommended Use:

  • Adults: 20 ml daily.
  • Children between 6-12 years: 10 ml daily.
  • Children between 3-5 years: 5 ml daily




  • Mixture of fruit juice concentrates (37%):
    • Water, pineapple, pear juice concentrate, mango, apricot, grape fruit concentrate, carob extract, apple, lemon juice concentrate
  • Aqueous herbal extract (34%) from:
    • Camomile Flowers, Fennel, Bitter orange peel, Carrots, Spinach, Magnesium Gluconate, Honey, Magnesium Citrate, Natural Flavours

Nutritional Information Per 20 ml:


  • Energy: 169 kJ / 40 kcal
  • Protein: Trace
  • Carbohydrate: 7.4 g
  • Fat: Trace
  • Magnesium: 250 mg


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